30 Days, 30 Hours Challenge!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend. This morning I did something different for exercise, went bike riding at the beach with a friend. We had a great 10 mile ride and talked the whole time. It was fun to get out on a new path and see new scenery. There is a bike path and running/walking path that goes from Redondo Beach all the way up to Malibu. We were on the Marina del Rey-Venice-Santa Monica stretch of the path. I highly recommend treating yourself to this if you live in or are visiting Los Angeles. There are all kinds of bike rental places along the way too if you don’t have your own bike.


We were talking about the idea of doing something everyday that you love and see where it leads you. Even if you can only devote 10-20 minutes to it a day…it’s a start. Find that thing you love and do it. We were also talking about how sometimes the hardest part is motivating yourself to just get busy and do that thing you think about or that you know you want to be doing or wish you were doing.

This morning’s outing got me thinking I wonder how things might change for the better for the world if we ALL devoted a few minutes each day to something we love, made healthy food choices and exercised. Those 3 things I believe can be life changing. Want to do an experiment? Start small and carve out at least one hour per day and spend 20 minutes working on something you love, 20 minutes preparing some healthy foods/meals, 20 minutes exercising. That’s a minimum suggestion, if you can do more of each – GREAT! But I think 20 minutes each is doable. Okay. If you read this post today and you’re in – let’s do it – 30 days in a row and see where we are in a month. We’ll call it the 30 Days, 30 Hours Challenge! GO!

30 Days, 30 Hours Challenge!

1) 20 minutes devoted to Something You Love

2) 20 minutes to Prepare Healthy Foods

3) 20 minutes Exercise (at least)


For today so far…

1) Exercise: I rode the bike for an hour

2) Healthy Food: Prepared my smoothie and will be cooking dinner later

  • Smoothie ingredients today: mixed greens, fresh blueberries, apple, fresh ginger (peeled), whole lemon (peeled), cayenne, cinnamon, turmeric
  • Smoothie Ingredients_Fit Friendships

3) Things I Love: Wrote this post, worked on my photography and will be writing for my comedy site

Okay now share with us what you’re working on to create a better life for yourself.





Thank you for passing this along to your friends…

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