50 Pounds of Weight Loss! Before and After!! Doing the Happy Dance!!!

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This past Sunday before I headed out for my run I thought let me just see what the scale says today. It was Easter Sunday, not a weigh in day, but I was curious. I had been trying to lose the last 2 pounds of my 50 pound weight loss goal for around 6 weeks! Yes 2 pounds…6 weeks!!! I’d heard of the weight loss plateau  (click that link for some great info on getting through the plateau) and now I know very well what they’re talking about. When you get to the plateau, weight loss stalls or really really slows even when you’re sticking to your plan.  All I can say is do not give up!  Keep working hard and you’ll get there.

I finally saw the number on my scale I’d been working toward for over 16 months. I FINALLY met my goal of losing 50 POUNDS!!! FIFTY!!! I did a Happy Dance right there on the bathroom scale. The Happy Dance continued the rest of the day and still continues today.

My sweet husband Hal followed me outside on Sunday and took some iPhone photos before I headed out for my run. See some before and after below.

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Okay some before and after…the before is from a family trip to the mountains in 2012. The after, this past Sunday all decked out in my Easter colors for a 6 mile run/walk for 10K training!


50 Pounds GONE!!!

Happy Dance…


Happy Dance



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