Going for a Run? Want to be a Runner? Include walking

 When I go out for a run I also incorporate walking and have recommended this book…Run Walk Run Method by Jeff Galloway in the past.  I’m currently training for a 10K and when it’s a run day in my training schedule I don’t run the entire time, I incorporate walking and I love it. It keeps it fun and I’ve stayed injury free. The one time recently that I wanted to prove to myself that I could run the entire time – I ran 3 miles without walking and I paid for it – some hip pain that I had never experienced came up because I didn’t take my walk breaks. So I took a few weeks off to heal.


Before the time off  I had worked my way up to 6 miles at 3/1 intervals (3 minute run/1 minute walk) then I took about 3 weeks off due to the getting overzealous and proving I could run the whole way. So I’ve done it both ways now…running the whole time and the run/walk/run method and for me incorporating walking is best…it keeps it fun and injury free. So getting back to my running last week I started back at 2/1 interval (2 minute run/1 minute walk for the duration of the time/distance) so I can build back up to where I was before. I run/walk for 30 minutes to an hour each outing, unless I’m doing specific mileage on my long run on the weekends. My goal is to work up to somewhere between 4-5 minute run/30 second-1 minute walk…but that will be a while because I only add 30 seconds to 1 minute per run interval every few weeks.


When I go out for my run/walk, I wear a sports watch that has an interval timing function.  I LOVE my Garmin Sports Watch – Forerunner 210, I use it every time I go out to exercise. I also have the heart rate chest strap that I wear sometimes (should wear every time) so I know I’m training in my target zone and getting a great workout. My watch has an interval training mode so I can set the run/rest time for any amount for any number of intervals. It beeps when it’s time to walk and when it’s time to run based on how I set it. It also shows pace/time/distance and much more. I just love it. When it’s time to buy another watch in the future I would look for a watch that can record mile splits and interval times simultaneously. That’s the only drawback on this watch is that when I’m in interval mode it doesn’t record mile splits it just records overall time and distance. 

I don’t use an app for exercise anymore. But for apps I’ve tried in the past and thought were great: lolo easy 5K and lolo easy 10K  …these are apps designed with Jeff Galloway who wrote the Run Walk Run book. Hope this is helpful to some of you!


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